Mechanical Work

Our Team of Professionals always focus on customer satisfaction and best quality of work. Below are the few points and guidelines which we follow for the best handling of vehicles that comes to us.

  1. Interact with customers to obtain information about the problems they’re experiencing with cars.
  2. Examine various systems within cars to diagnose problems. We run complete diagnostic tests which help them identify components that might be malfunctioning.
  3. Remove parts that are worn or not operating properly and replace them with new as per the client’s requirement.
  4. Explain repairs to customers and provide estimates for unanticipated repairs.
  5. Pitch optional repairs or preventative maintenance to customers to generate additional revenue for the shop, although this can depend upon the employer.
  6. Keep detailed records on all work performed.

We always deal with Genuine and Trusted quality products and give complete coverage over the guarantee and warranty as per the company guidelines, to provide best service to our valuable customers.

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