Yokohama Geolandar CV G058 215/70R16 100H

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Geolandar CV G058 is a highway tyre for the SUV. With a phenomenal treadwear rating of 740, you can expect the Geolandar CV G058 to deliver exceptional mileage performance. Yokohama’s advancement in silica and rubber compound technology has also resulted in huge improvements in wet safety and fuel efficiency performance. The Geolandar CV G058 is the ultimate Grand Touring SUV Tyre that delivers exceptional mileage, confident safety performance with impressive road manners. It is the tyre you need if you spend a lot of time driving your SUV covering vast distances Geolandar CV G058 is available in 40 sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inch.


  • 740 treadwear rating that will deliver exceptional mileage
  • Advanced compound technology for better traction
  • Extra sipes and groves for better traction and wet performance
  • BluEarth technology for better fuel efficiency
  • Symmetrical Tread Pattern for more comfortable quieter ride
  • Wider round footprint to promote even wear and better traction

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